The Amazing Spider-man Review

Comic fans will be in full swing of what exactly is likely the biggest superhero summertime movie the summer months recognized to guy. The launch of  The Amazing Spider-Man motion picture and game is exciting for fans of the comic book web slinger.

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Halloween Pumpkins [Android Live Wallpaper]

Are you in the mood to have a spook-tacular time today? Okay, that WAS pretty lame, but it’s Halloween…. We can be something we usually aren’t. I’m not usually lame. 😉

Halloween Pumpkins Live Wallpaper is a fun little live wallpaper for Android devices to get you in the mood for dressing up and going to a party or out trick or treating with the kids.  Continue reading

Total Control of Your Android Contacts

Contacts + for Android Logo

When we were all using a home phone or even a flip phone, it was really simple to keep track of people’s contact information. Most people had an address book or Rolodex with everything there was to know about a contact written on it. Times have changed. Contacts + is and Android application to give you total control over your contact list. Continue reading

Dead Trigger Halloween Update

Are you gonna take your kids out begging for candy this year? Does it seem like every year there are a bunch of zombies out there going door to door? Well Dead Trigger came out with a Halloween update. The video below is a little creepy and will make you feel a little less worried about the old people in the neighborhood giving your an apple or raisins. They could get a talking severed zombie head. Continue reading