Using the Android Calendar [Android Basics]

The Android phone calendar is super powerful and easy to use. If you are accustomed to other smart phone calendars, the Android calendar will be a sight for sore eyes. The look of the Android calendar will vary depending on the device.

For example, the Samsung Tab has a different calendar than my HTC Desire. If you root your device and change ROMs, you will likely have a different calendar application on each ROM you install.

Here is a quick run-through on how to use the Android calendar application.


Adding an appointment

Press the Menu button. Many versions of the Android calendar will have an option here to add an event. Mine requires me to press More, then New Event.

You will see places for the event name, time, date, notes, location, attendees and much more. Fill in the info and press Done.

Alternatively, you might be able to press the spot on the calendar to get a pop-up with a New Event option


Searching for an appointment

By pressing the magnifying glass button while you are in the calendar application, you will search for an appointment. Simply type in the search term (e.g. appointment name or part of the description) and you will get all of the appointments with those words in it as a result.

Note: Searching this way will not work on all Android devices or versions of software.


Editing an appointment

Editing an appointment is no different from initially typing in the appointment information to begin with. You will just need to open the appointment by pressing on the appointment then pressing the menu button. You should see an option for editing.


Changing the view

The initial view is really important to me. I like to use either the Week view or sometimes Agenda view.

To change the initial view, press Menu while viewing your calendar. In the Settings menu (you may need to press More to get to Settings) you should see an option for Initial view.

Choose the view you prefer. You should see agenda, week, month and day view. Try out the different views and see what works best for you.


What are your Android calendar tips? Share them in the comment section below.

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