Bubble Live Wallpaper [Android Live Wallpaper]

Bubble Live WallpaperBubble Live Wallpaper is the Android Live Wallpaper equivalent of moving bubble wrap. You can change the background to have the bubbles floating behind all of your Android app icons. If you are a little bored, you can pop the bubbles. I know as a kid you were amazed with and played with the soap bubbles you got from the store or made for yourself with dish soap. Bubble Live Wallpaper is kinda the same thing as the background of your Android.

Adding Bubble Live Wallpaper is the same as any other Android Live Wallpaper. Once downloaded, go to the Live Wallpaper selection screen and add it. The settings for Bubble Live Wallpaper will let you change the themes, bubble colors and number of bubbles floating across the screen at one time.

If you have a lot of Android app icons on your screen, you may have a hard time popping the bubbles. So if you are looking to have play with the bubbles frequently, you will want to make sure to have room on a home screen or leave one totally open.

The pro version adds more features and settings. Some of the added features are:

  • Custom bubble image
  • 7 bubble colors
  • Rotating right/left to accelerate bubbles
  • Smooth the edge of bubble
  • Reverse bubble acceleration
All of these added features can make the background a bit more appealing to the eye and more fun to play with when you are bored.

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What is your favorite Android Live Wallpaper?