Android Theme Thursday September 20


This week for the Android theme review, we will be talking about the ADW Sticker Album Theme. The most notable part of the theme is the change in the  icons. This is a very fun theme and has a playful feel to it.

Some people aren’t sure how to add a theme to ADW launcher, please refer to this article:

How to add a theme to ADW launcher


The Sticker Album theme icons have a much more cartoonish feel. It looks like one of the corners of each of the icons is peeling up, kind of like you’re removing a sticker from sticker book.

Taking a look at the icon bar at the bottom you’ll see that it’s more of a hand-drawn look than the normal digital icons. Some of the typical application icons like messaging, Gmail, phone and the browser have a more hand-drawn look as well.

Aside from the cosmetic changes to the icons and application dock at the bottom there are really any  change to the way the phone operates. one other change you’ll notice is the availability of new wallpapers.  They are pretty much all a hardwood look, just different colors.  There is a classic Brown, black, green, purple, blue, reddish and a pinkish purpleish color too.

Have you tried any other themes for ADW?