Android Theme Review Thursday

ADW-Launcher-IconPart of customizing an Android device is adding the apps to add functions not there before. Adding a home screen launcher will let you change the layout of your home screens, but sometimes the colors and icons are a little blah. To fix the blah-ness problem, many of the popular home screen launchers have add-on themes. We will be talking about those Android themes here and Thursdays will hence forth be called Theme Review Thursday.

Since the Android theme doesn’t change the functionality much, just the cosmetics, there will be talk of the icons and wallpapers mostly. To mix it up different wallpapers and live wallpapers for Android will also be reviewed.

Here are some links to two of the most popular home screen launchers to try out.

GO Launcher EX


ADW Launcher

Both of these launchers can be modified with a theme. Many themes are available for both home screen launchers. Between now and next Theme Review Thursday, play around with the the two different launchers and see which you prefer. For those of you using a custom ROM on a rooted Android device, you are probably using ADW Launcher already. ADW is commonly used in Custom ROMs.

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