Llama Location Based Profile Switcher

Have you ever been at work and had your phone ring with an inappropriate ringtone in the middle of a meeting? Sucks to be you. To help spare you the embarrassment again, you should look at Llama.

There is a little setup when you are at each location so Llama knows where the profile should be switched. Other than training the app at the location, everything else can be done later.

Llama marks your location while you are at a location like your job or at home. It will start to remember the cellular towers you are linking up to. Once the location is set, you can make changes to the profile so when you are at work, you won’t be embarrassed by having your phone ring in the middle of a meeting again.

For Llama to work, you will need to name the location and tell the app how long you will be there. As long as you have a cellular signal, you’re good. Whats nice is you don’t need to keep your battery sucking GPS on all of the time.

You can adjust many of the settings on your Android phone such as:

  • Android ringtones
  • Bluetooth on and off
  • Turn on your screen lock
  • Change your wallpaper
  • Turn 4G on and off
  • Run applications and much more
Say for example when you are at home you use your Wi-Fi and listen to music on your Android phone. Llama can have a home profile set up to automatically start your streaming music app and turn on the Wi-Fi as soon as you get home. You can make similar profiles for work or your parent’s house or anywhere you want to have different settings or start an app. By having several different profiles set up, you will save a lot of time starting apps you need and shutting down apps and services you don’t need.

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What are some of the places you might need to change your Android phone profile?

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