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Android ‘hacks’ you can do without rooting your phone

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Rooting a phone is naturally your finest alternative if you’re aiming to release the complete capacity of your Android gadget. Rooting does not come without a couple of disadvantages.

For one, when you root your phone, you’re putting complete rely on the root technique’s designer not to have actually consisted of hazardous code or backdoor gain access to. Rooting a phone is a procedure that, by its nature, should bypass any security determines that the gadget’s producer put into location, exposing your phone to any number of prospective compromises. The designer neighborhood for Android is usually valuable and complete of excellent will, so in practice this sort of unclean dealing has actually been uncommon in our experience. The truth that there are thousands of active designers working on so lots of various gadgets makes this a genuine issue.

Second, rooting an Android gadget generally isn’t really as basic as setting up and running an app. It’s possible for rooting treatments to fail, and in some cases this leads to a “bricked” gadget that is not functional. Given that rooting a phone breaches your regards to usage, you can likely kiss your guarantee farewell in these circumstances.

Fortunately is that the Android os has actually advanced significantly considering that its infancy, and lots of users are discovering that they not have to root their phones to open the abilities they wish to make the most of. Here’s are a few of our preferred ‘hacks’ that you can manage with an unrooted phone despite the fact that they appear off the beaten path. None are rather as interesting or sophisticated as you ‘d get with a root app, however a few of these ‘hacks’ are still quite cool methods to do more with your phone.

Develop Customized Widgets

Beautiful Widgets - best android apps

Widgets are an excellent method to utilize the abilities of specific apps right from the benefit of your house screen. You tend to be restricted by the creativity and visual perceptiveness of an offered app’s designer. If you wish to make your house screen actually reflective of your very own taste and character, attempt downloading an app like Beautiful Widgets to offer your phone a more individual touch. You can likewise establish faster ways that keep you from needing to browse the exact same familiar menus time and time once again.

Usage “Edge Show” on your Android


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge featured the Edge Show, a method of suggesting alerts by brightening the pixels on the diagonal edge of the screen. Everybody rapidly concurred that this was the outright sexiest method to get alerts you can possibly imagine, however the S6 Edge’s distinct shape made the complete Edge Show result difficult to duplicate on other gadgets.

Luckily, you not need to suffer in the uncool wasteland of LED alerts. An app called Edge Color Notices produces a set of sidebars on the edge of your screen that really carefully duplicates Edge Show. Sure, it’s not best considering that your non-S6 Edge phone most likely does not have a screen that twists around the edges of your gadget, however it’s a quite close 2nd.

Download the app and begin getting alerts in a much slicker method.

From Another Location Control Your Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop Play Store

Google’s Remote Desktop app uses your Android to manage your PC from anywhere a breeze. You do not need to set up any heavy software application, and setup is so quick that you can be working in less than 10 minutes. Heck, perhaps even 5 minutes if you ready at multitasking. There are 2 halves to this setup procedure. On one hand, you have to set up and set up the Chrome app on your PC. On the other, you need to get the Android App from the Google Play shop.

It’s a versatile procedure, however let’s start with the PC side of things. First, download the Chrome Remote Desktop app in the Chrome Shop As soon as the app is set up, the user interface will direct you through a chain of triggers. Simply follow the directions and give the app the approvals it requires, and you’ll ready to enter no time at all.

After Chrome Remote Desktop is set up, you will be triggered to supply a 6-digit PIN. Remember this number since you will require it to access your computer system from your Android gadget.

Mentioning your Android gadget, go get that thing and let’s get the other half of this procedure rounded off. On your phone, download the Chrome Remote Desktop app in the Play Shop No issues here; simply set up the app, open it up, tap the name of the computer system you simply set up, and after that get in the PIN you developed.

Boom. You can now manage your PC utilizing your phone from anywhere.

Record Your Screen


For a very long time, tape-recording video of an Android screen was something of a trouble. Android 5.0 Lollipop included screen recording API abilities, so designers have actually been able to develop much more steady screen recording apps.

Among these apps is AZ Screen Recorder This app is lean, adjustable, and has extra functions such as a countdown timer that interact to make tape-recording your screen an extremely pain-free experience. It incorporates with the phone’s electronic camera and you can even make use of the screen throughout videos. While other screen tape-recording apps just provide fundamental recording performance, AZ Screen Recorder lets you modify and cut videos ideal inside the application.

Downsides, you ask? Well, considering that this app leans on the brand-new API, you run out luck if you do not have Lollipop.

Play Old Games with an Emulator

n64 emulator android

Review your old preferred video games by downloading an emulator Having an N64 in your pocket isn’t really a lot more than a novelty unless you buy a physical controller for it, however Gameboy video games and SNES/NES video games run like a dream on Android.

I’m presently replaying through Pokemon and you much better think my Charizard was so subdued by the time I got to Misty that her Starmie didn’t even stand an opportunity. Type drawback suggests absolutely nothing when you grind your group leader into a living god that delight in the souls of a thousand unprepared Pidgeys.

Re-configure Navigation Buttons


Home2 Faster Way is a dazzling little app that lets you re-assign brand-new faster ways to the navigation buttons that appear at the bottom of your phone’s screen. With Home2 Faster way, you can quickly configure your house button, for example, to introduce a particular app when you tap it two times. I have actually found that the app I utilize the most is Google Play Music, so designating that as a faster way was a no-brainer for me.

Usage IFTTT to Automate your Settings

IFTTT update

In the past, Tasker was your best choice for turning your phone into a totally automated device that dynamically adjusted to your environments Tasker stays the most effective alternative readily available– particularly for users with programs experience– IFTTT uses lots of comparable functions in a much more easy to use bundle.

For example, I regularly forget to turn my Android wifi back on when I return to my home, so I have an IFTTT dish that switches on my wifi whenever I get back. It’s not made complex, however it conserves me valuable mobile information.

Given that IFTTT link to numerous various “channels” and services, your creativity is your only limitation when it concerns cooking up innovative dishes. Make an account and IFTTT will advise some pre-configured dishes for you. After utilizing these for a little while, you’ll most likely wish to begin crafting your very own to match your particular requirements.

Modification your DPI


Some phones do deal tools for altering DPI, however lots of do not. While it’s simple enough to alter your display screen’s DPI if you’re rooted, the truth is that you can do it even without root. And it is in fact quite simple.

1. Enable USB debugging from Settings> > Designer Options. If you have actually never ever allowed Designer Options in the past, you’ll initially have to go to Settings> > About Phone and after that tap on “Build Number” 7 times.

2. Download and set up ABD chauffeurs and very little ADB for Windows. After setting up Very little ADB, a command trigger will open. Leave it open in the meantime.

3. Link your Android gadget to the PC. You might get a timely asking you to license the PC for debugging, and you’ll wish to tap Ok.

4. To alter the DPI you’ll wish to return to the Very little ADB command trigger window and utilize the following command:

adb shell wm density “DPI”

adb reboot

Note: where “DPI” is noted, change with the worth you want to utilize. A lower DPI suggests more info showed on screen. A greater DPI will do the opposite.

5. Your gadget will instantly reboot and you ought to see the modification in location. If for any factor you wish to reset the DPI back to the initial, return to ADB and type:

adb shell wm size reset

adb reboot


The Android os has actually come a long method in regards to exactly what it can achieving without adjustment. While increased security functions are making gadgets harder to root, this disadvantage is balanced out by the extraordinary degree of liberty you can accomplish with an Android gadget right from package. Things that would have formerly needed complex adjustment are now as simple as setting up an app and tapping a couple of settings.

These are our preferred rootless Android “hacks.” If you have actually got some better ones, let us understand in the remarks!

Searching For some advanced methods to personalize your phone experience? Here’s a few of our preferred Tasker-oriented ‘modification’ pieces from our own John Feist (keep in mind that much of these do need root, nevertheless):

For those that wish to take the next action, here’s a piece that offers you a couple of things to think of if you are thinking about rooting your gadget.

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