Free Up Space on Your Home Screen and Access Apps Faster with Wave Launcher

In the world of Android replacement home screen apps, it takes some innovation to stand out. Even though you may use a home screen replacement like ADW or GO Launcher EX, there are still times when you need quick access to a few commonly used applications.

I have been trying applications for the notification bar and application docks similar to Wave Launcher. Here is why Wave Launcher stands out in my mind.

In a nutshell, what Wave Launcher does for you is add quick access to your favorite apps and widgets. Think about it. A much less cluttered home screen so you can see more of the image you are using as your background. Or what about using fewer home screens because you don’t need to have a whole screen taken up by your calendar widget.

Wave Launcher works by swiping your finger across a designated part of the screen. An arc will appear with all of your favorite apps in it. Stop on the application or widget you want to open and POW! The app opens or the widget appears.

Using app launcher like Wave Launcher is a great option for someone who like their Android phone’s stock layout but wants to add a little more functionality. Many people who own HTC devices love the HTC Sense with the cool clock widgets and weather. However, the HTC clock takes up a lot of real estate so a better way to access applications comes in handy.

Another reason using an app launcher instead of a replacement home screen app is so great is, you won’t need to redo all of your home screens again. Having to add all of the apps and widgets back to your screens is a pain. Instead, you will be moving your most accessed apps to a better home for quick access.

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What apps do you have in your app launcher?