Alarm Clock Replacement Apps for Android

With the show of hands, who hates waking up to an alarm? I’m right with you.  Most of the preinstalled alarm clock applications for Android are not that great.  They may have a timer and alarm and that’s about it.  By adding a and alarm clock replacement app to your Android phone, you will get some additional features.  Some of those features may make it a little more pleasurable to go to sleep or wake up using this application.

Bedside Alarm

Bedside Alarm is the alarm clock replacement app I’ve used for quite a while.  The reason being is it has a really cool LED display that you can change the color of. Bedside Alarm lets you set up multiple alarms that recur on specific days.  Also, there is what is called a sleep machine. The sleep machine can play music stored on your phone or play different sounds preinstalled in the alarm clock replacement app such as ocean waves, ambient forest or campfire.  Another popular sound is the thunderstorm.

DoubleTwist Alarm Clock

DoubleTwist alarm clock has some cool features.  For starters, the different modes are not too common among alarm clock replacement apps. Setting the alarm to wake you at a specific Time, based on your previous Sleep Cycle, taking a Quick Nap, or at Sunrise. Sleep Cycle helps pick optimal wake-up times to correspond with sleep cycles. I have to admit the sleep cycle alarm really makes a difference.  I’ve been using a similar application for several months and noticed a huge difference in how I feel when I wake up if I use the sleep cycle alarm vs. setting a specific time.

Other features of DoubleTwist alarm clock need the DoubleTwist music application to work. Specifically waking up to your own music playlist. DoubleTwist also has some pretty cool looking clocks.


What’s your favorite alarm clock replacement app?