Alarm clock [Android Basics]

The alarm clock on Android devices can vary a little from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, pretty much all of them offer the same basic features and functions. The video below will show the basics of how to use the pre-installed alarm clock on an Android device.

Link to Alarm clock [Android Basics] video

Some of the differences you may see from one device to another will be the layout. Each manufacturer will have a different way to select the mode. Changing from the alarm clock to the timer or the alarm clock to the stopwatch may be a slider or a button or even a swipe of the finger.

Other features you may also see in your Android alarm clock app is an integrated calendar. Having your calendar shown here is a good spot. As soon as you wake up, or hit the snooze, you can see what’s on the agenda for the day.

If the stock Android alarm clock application doesn’t do enough for you, alternatives are available. Some of the features you might see in Android alarm clocks you can download from the Google Play Store are:

  • Using one of your MP3s to wake up to
  • Sleep pattern tracking
  • Soothing sleep sounds
  • Choosing the best time to wake
  • Customizable screens
  • Making you complete an action like simple math  or using a barcode scanner to scan a one of several products around the house to shut the alarm off.

Here are some of the best Android alarm clocks available:

In the end, all most people will need an alarm clock for is to wake up at a specific time. Any of the other features will tie in your alarm clock to other parts of your life such as music or your desire to know your sleep patterns.