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6 useful features in Google Maps you may not know

Google Maps

I do not need to sit here and worry the significance of Google Maps. Being that the mobile app has a billion+ users, opportunities are that you have actually currently utilized it thoroughly and understand how important it can be for daily life. That stated, such an enduring and vital app from Google has actually naturally gone through a wide range of advancement throughout the years. Sure, the core performance of panning the world, seeing information of locations, and inspecting existing traffic conditions is well comprehended by the bulk. There’s really a lot more there than fulfills the eye, and these are not simply small functions.

This list covers functions that you might unknown about that you might wish to.

Area Sharing

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Google has actually messed around with Area Sharing a fair bit, however it’s sadly been mainly rear seat function. If you have not utilized it, as the name suggests, it’s a method to positionally get in touch with somebody of your option (if it’s equally wanted). I utilize this with my partner when we’re taking a trip and we briefly different. Rather of needing to determine the best ways to satisfy up once again, she or I can just see each other on the map and one or the other can arrive.

The function utilized to be on Hangouts (Google’s web messaging app). I think the reasoning at the time was that considering that the app linked individuals, area was another type of interaction. Google ultimately moved Area Sharing to Google Maps. It’s easy to gain access to and usage. Simply take out the left hand menu (by swiping from the left edge), choose Area Sharing from the list, and after that tap Start.

Now keep in mind that this is to make your area mindful to somebody of your option. To obtain shared area sharing, the individual will need to do the exact same from their end. To trigger, you pick among your contacts. You likewise pick the length of time you desire your area to be noticeable to them (either a specific quantity of time or remain active up until you turn it off).

* Bonus Suggestion: You can in addition share your transit information. When you begin a drive and instructions through Navigation, you can share your location, ETA, and where you presently are on the path. Pretty cool, huh?

See Google’s paperwork about Area Sharing for more information.

Beneficial Gestures

I wager that a lot of Google Maps users just utilize the widely typical gestures like pinching to zoom in/out and long-pressing to tag a particular area, however there are a couple more worth understanding that aren’t apparent. One that I personally right away embraced once knowing is the capability to zoom in/out with simply one hand. This might not seem like a huge offer, however when you’re bound and have just one hand readily available at the minute, it can be an important maneuver.

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Usage 2 fingers to alter angle and turn topography for a much better appearance.

It’s odd to discover the best ways to do it initially, however ultimately ends up being natural. You’ll double tap the screen, however rather of launching the 2nd tap, you’ll wish to hold it (otherwise, you’ll simply wind up focusing). It does not appear like anything has actually occurred, however then attempt moving your finger up and down (without raising from the screen). Voila! Moving up zooms out and moving down zooms in.

2 others (which are most likely more recognized) are the additional gestures with two-finger operation. You can alter the default leading view to an angle of your option by swiping 2 fingers up and down. When you’re focused enough into a city, you’ll see constructing heights as Maps has actually 3D info of specific locations. Turning the view (turning your 2 fingers) ends up being more valuable as your flying around observing the topography. The future is terrific, right?

Parking Area

You might have found the capability in Maps to identify and conserve a particular location of your very own. This is an essential function, as you can save numerous locations that matter most to you for fast gain access to and for acknowledgment in the Google Cloud. A conserved area for your “House” or “Work” make things simple when you go to ask Google Assistant something like, “How’s my commute to work this early morning?” or “Browse house”.

1520235015 42 6 useful features in google maps you may not know - 6 useful features in Google Maps you may not know
This menu turns up when you click your area (blue dot).

However a furthermore helpful function along these lines is the capability to rapidly tag your parking area when you’re out and about. Everybody has actually faced that irritating incident where you cannot pin-point the precise area you left your automobile, particularly in a big parking area, where you’re weaving through aisles desperately clicking your automobile remote to hear an indicator.

It’s simple to conserve a parking area, once you understand the best ways to get to the menu (this isn’t really precisely apparent). On the map, click the blue dot that represents where you remain in the world– that opens a full-screen menu. Here, you’ll see the alternative “Conserve your parking”. You’ll then see a pin put on the map at your area with the letter “P”. Voila.

If required, you can click the pin and modify the area (or struck Clear when you wish to dismiss it). You can likewise include helpful notes to it, like which flooring your automobile is on if it remains in a parking lot or what does it cost? time you have actually left.

See Google’s paperwork about Parking Area for more information.

Offline Maps

I mainly utilize the Offline Maps function in Google Maps when I go on holiday. You do not know how the web signal scenario remains in other locations, and particularly if you’re roadway tripping to Timbuktu, you do not wish to run the risk of getting lost without any help. Simply picture needing to make human contact to request for instructions. The scary!

If you have actually never ever utilized this function, there’s a couple things you have to understand. There’s a max window size of a location you can conserve at a time. You’re basically downloading the surface info, so it might take a piece of area (limit can vary by a couple of hundred megabytes depending the location). If you desire to cover more location than it enables in one go, you’ll have to conserve it in divided areas. Offline Maps lets you well arrange lists of conserved locations and call them as you please.

To access the function, just take out the primary Maps menu from the left edge and you’ll see the “Offline Maps” button. You’ll see your conserved locations noted here. To make a brand-new one, click “Select you own map” and zoom in/out the location you desire and strike Download. It will download onto the list and from there you can modify it (i.e. rename, erase).

If you’re fretted about area, Google well has the alternative to download the info to an SD card (presuming your phone supports it– sorry Pixel owners). It’s likewise essential to understand that Google has an automated system in location to clear conserved locations after an amount of time. This is most likely since they can considerably affect your storage reserves. Make sure to upgrade them frequently if you wish to keep them.

See Google’s paperwork about Offline Maps for more information.

Bonus Instructions Functions

Among the most secondhand functions in Maps is instructions. It’s unique how we do not need to prepare our transit. We can simply pick a location and let Google inform us the fastest method there.

Normally our usage of the function constantly includes tapping a location and toggling Directions/Navigation each time we go out. There’s a couple of more things that Google put into it that might be valuable to you:


  • Including Stops
    • I’m perpetrator to stopping and starting Navigation for each location modification I make. Sometimes, it’s more effective to include a stop( s). It’s easy to do. With Instructions started, tap the three-dot menu at the corner and choose “Include Stop” from the menu. You’ll then exist with additional location slots (you can amount to 9), and you can organize them any method you like.
  • Share Instructions
    • If your transit has reliance with another person, the capability to rapidly share you path can be actually valuable. To do, within a set instructions, open the three-dot menu and choose “Share Instructions” and pick a contact to show.
  • 1520235015 422 6 useful features in google maps you may not know - 6 useful features in Google Maps you may not know
    Conserve instructions faster way to your House screen.

    Conserve Instructions

    • Another alternative that can be available in helpful is to conserve a path, rather of going through the actions once again. This is particularly helpful if you have actually worked to set extra stops. From the Instructions menu, pick the “Include path to House screen” alternative.
  • Conserve a path offline (specific nations)
    • For some users, Google put the alternative to toggle a path and after that wait offline. Much Like Offline Maps, this works if you’re taking a trip and believe the web signal might be dubious. It’s presently just readily available to specific nations (does not look like the United States is one of those, as I do not see the alternative in my Maps app). Not all is lost, as Google just recently included the capability for Navigation to a map location that you have actually set for offline usage.

See Google’s paperwork about Instructions for more information


One important function that I undoubtedly forget to utilize however should not is the Explore button at the bottom of the app. There’s more there than fulfills the eye. The fundamental performance is, within any location that your map is presently taking a look at, it will extremely rapidly obtain locations because location to consume amongst numerous classifications. This function is tuned more to usage, however you can likewise rapidly bring up filling station, ATMs, Drug Stores, and Supermarket that remain in the location in concern. This tool can be especially important when you’re on a journey and the location is brand-new to you.

A technique to obtain to a full-screen design of the close-by dining establishment choices is to scroll to the end of exactly what’s summed up on the launch page; you’ll see a “More” button. There, you’ll see the food types set out along the top, and you can more quickly scroll through the classifications of ideas. Another advantage in this location is that at the extremely bottom it will mention numerous locations of interest in the location you have actually selected, however it’s minimally supported. We do not know why there isn’t really an “destinations” classification in the Explore function. Hopefully Google includes it in the future.

Hope these suggestions were useful to you. Delighted mapping!

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