6 Must-have Android apps for freelancers

When you are a freelancer, you  are a Jack-of-all-trades. Because of this, you are always working. You might be at your kid’s soccer game and think of something to tweet. Or if you are at a networking event and meet 10 new people, you will need to get their contact info into your contact list.

Business card reader

If you have never witnessed a business card reader in action, you will have an A-HA moment as soon as you see it work. The way a business card scanner works is, by using your camera (3mp or higher) via the card reader app, you take a picture of the business card.

The application will analyze the picture for text, logos and other information. The application will then put this info into your contact list saving you lots of typing.

What you will get by having Google googles will do this for free. There are also applications like CamCard with free and paid versions.


If you make house calls or are at events/functions taking payments, Square is what you need. Square lets you take credit card payments and send a receipt via SMS or email right on the spot.

Very handy if you want payment right away. The fees are very reasonable and there are no contracts. The app and the reader are free too.


If you use social media, Hootsuite is the best all-in-one application I have found to manage your Twitter account and schedule tweets while mobile. Hootsuite will also let you access Foursquare and Facebook.


Dropbox works like a dream come true on Android phones. You can access and share files while on the go. If you aren’t a Dropbox user now, I highly recommend getting a free account and giving it a whirl. You will wonder how you have lived without this kind of access until now.


Lastpass is a pay application that allows access all of your passwords from any browser or Lastpass Android application. If you use Lastpass, there are extensions for the Dolphin HD browser to integrate Lastpass and Dolphin for ease of use.

Lastpass till set you back $20 a year. For that $20 you will also have access to Xmarks. Xmarks will sync your bookmarks between your browsers and devices.

Bartender lite

Bartender lite gives you quick access to the a few applications from your notification bar. Here is a write-up on how to get more use from your Android notification bar.

I use this Android application when I am going somewhere. I can add Google Maps, a folder from my Gmail account or Dropbox for quick reference,  a direct dial or message shortcut for the contact and anything else I may need.


These are a few applications you can add to your daily freelance arsenal to help you be more efficient while away from your desk.


What Android applications could you not live without as a freelancer?

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