3D Compass for Android Review

3d-comapass-androidOne of the coolest thing about some of the newer apps is they are using augmented reality. If you aren’t sure what augmented reality is, in this case it is basically adding features to what’s currently being displayed through your camera. When it comes to your location, a real-time compass is the only way you should get information.

Using an augmented reality compass is great. You can see where you are and the direction you are going in real-time. Using the overlays 3D Compass for Android gives you will let you get around an unfamiliar area with ease. Some of the features you’ll get when using this Android compass are:

  •  Heading and degrees
  • Multiple compass types
  • Sharable screen captures
When walking down the street in an area you do not know well, you will see through the eye of the rear camera. The compass will be floating in the screen letting you know your direction. Using different style compasses will show more or less detailed information. There is also a map off to the side. Having the map shown helps put your location into better perspective.
While most people can get away with not knowing they are traveling on a heading of 185 degrees, other people like to know that kind of information. This bit of information would be better suited for backpacking than in the city. Walking through the city might use more of the map and general direction compass. Take a minute to sift through the different styles and see what works best for your navigating needs.
While there are other compass apps for Android, most of them are pretty basic. They show the direction you are going and thats about it. Others have some additional features but few are using augmented reality in a way like this.

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What compass app do you use?